Where we focus

Streamlining business operations, performance improvement and cost efficiencies

Change management and business planning across customer services and communications systems

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Change management

Evaluating, designing, reorganising, implementing and managing change to work practices, analysis and reporting systems, including company turn round situations.

Cost savings and efficiencies

Real time reviews to promote cost effective management of business operations and information flows, with focus in the corporate, planning and marketing disciplines.

Customer services and call centre functions

Monitoring, review and improvement of work practices, management information flows and communication with targets and customers.

Business planning

Work flows, forecasting, supply chain and stock usage / management.

Project and interim management

Flexible ways of working to suit individual client needs and outcomes.

Internal communications systems and staff interfaces with IT

Computer systems, online networks and their functionalities provide the mechanism. Effectiveness is delivered via how people interface with them.

Marketing Support

Planning, direct marketing, databases, CRM and NPD

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Marketing and media planning

Optimising marketing / media / advertising spend and budgets in both offline and online sectors.

e-commerce, Direct Marketing and Database Marketing

Specific expertise and longstanding experience in these channels, including management usage of customer focused database information.

Customer relationship management

Data skills in influencing the interface with customers and handling meaningful and cost effective segmentations based on motivations and activity.

New product development

Overseeing NPD and range extension initiatives.

Insight and Market intelligence

Company information functions, market data and consumer insight

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Company MR and information functions

Establishing, running and managing company MR and information functions on an interim, continuous or need to use basis

Understanding and evaluating markets

With the focus on the consumer, existing customers and targets, providing comprehensive market assessments in UK, Europe and global.

Insight and Market Research

Accessing the full range of quantitative, qualitative and online research techniques and covering both consumer and B2B sectors.

Training and mentoring

Developing people and building teams

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The people in your business

Getting the best out of your people resources – people management, team building and staff motivation, training and mentoring programmes.